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Repetitive Strain Injury


There are many jobs and activities that we undertake in our daily live which are may involve repeating a movement over and over again, such as scrolling repeatedly on your phone, typing on a keyboard, working on a checkout, even being a massage therapist.

Over time, if the rate of damage this movement causes your muscles exceeds your bodies' healing time then a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) can develop. The symptoms of this can include pain and swelling to the area, stiffness, weakness and also tingling/numbness and cramping.

RSI can effect any area of the body but it's frequently seen in the wrists and hands, for example with Carpal Tunnel. When you first start to notice symptoms you will generally find they lessen when you rest, but if the condition progresses you may find that symptoms worsen and aren't significantly alleviated when you stop.

When it comes to treatment there are many avenues you can go down, but combining treatments will generally work best. Firstly rest, and not just an afternoon off, you may need days of not typing or whatever it is that is causing the problem, give your body time to heal properly, anti-inflammatories can help reduce any inflammation in the area, when symptoms have started to ease you can look at other treatments, massage to the affected area and also surrounding areas can be of great benefit, it will help speed up recovery time and stops the surrounding muscles from stiffening up, a few massage treatments will generally be needed to help the the tissues recover.

After that you need to look at preventing the condition from returning; so we go back to our old favourites, posture, stretching, heat to reduce stiffness, ice to reduce inflammation. Take time to evaluate how you can change your situation, for example if typing is the issue, look at your desk height, what keyboard you use, and what chair you sit on. Look in to ways this can be improved. It all comes back to taking care of your body and it will take care of you.


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