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Why do I need a massage you say? Isn't that just what ladies go to spas for? Lots of scented oils, candles and whale song. Lying on a massage table while someone strokes your back for you. Well it can be that, if that is what you would like. That's the thing massage is such a large and varied subject it can't really be that you just want a massage. As more and more people are coming to realise, massage and soft tissue therapy can be a massive help.

Massage helps improve circulation, increases blood to all the muscles and tissues. It breaks down tension within the muscle, and lengthens out short stiff muscle fibres . Also it can increase range of motion and mobility after injury or surgery. As well as easing the symptoms of more emotional conditions like stress, insomnia, depression and anxiety. There are lots of things to consider, do you just want to unwind and destress? Maybe aromatherapy is the best option, a light and soothing massage at a slow pace.

Do you mind a firm pressure, so Swedish or deep tissue? Do you like heat? Do you have specific tension and pain? Do you have an injury, current or in the past? Do you like heat etc. All these these things can be considered so you can pick the best treatment for you. Also as therapists we want you to take care of yourselves too, so if you want we can give you basic advice to help you keep the benefits of your treatment, and just generally get you feeling better.


My aim is to provide you with the treatment that is right for you and gives you the results you need. Therefore when it comes to booking it is essential that I speak to you to personally. All email enquiries will be answered and followed with a phonecall so we can talk about your requiremnets and discuss a booking that suits you.

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mobile massage cardiff coverage

Mobile Massage Cardiff covers the following areas

Vale of Glamorgan
St Mellons

Areas outside those listed can be accomodated by special arangement so don't hesitate to get in contact to discuss your specifc requirments.

mobile massage cardiff Services

I offer a wide range of treatments that can be combined to provide the right treatment for you.

Sports Massage
Deep tissue Massage
Relaxation Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Holistic Massage Aromatherapy Reflexology

Simply get in touch to discuss you personalised treatment.

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My aim is to provide you with the treatment that is right for you so please don't hestate to get in touch.

By phone on 07947403188
Or by email by clicking here

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You can also keep up to date with Mobile Massage Cardiff news and get tips on how you can stay fit with massage on the blog