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Hydration for health


Over half of our total body mass is water, around 55% for women and 60% for men,and breaking this down further the human brain is composed of 95% water; blood is 82% water. So it's easy to see why ingesting water is massively important in keeping us healthy and making sure the systems in our bodies run smoothly.

Your body needs water for all sorts of things, like helping food digest, regulating body temperature, and proper contraction of the muscles, and can even make you feel a little happier!

Also if you suffer from headaches, think, are you drinking enough water, as dehydration can cause headaches, or make them feel worse. From a therapists point of view of keeping hydrated is very important in keeping your tissues flexible, your muscles and fascial tissue will function much more efficiently if they have adequate fluid content. It can also contribute to lessening joint pain, as it will help keep cartilage smooth and flexible, so the joint mechanism will run more smoothly.

If you're muscles aren't properly hydrated (they are around 75%water) then they will tire easier, be more susceptible to cramp and be more prone to tension as the fibres will be less flexible so it's one more thing you can consider when we talk about things you can do to help lessen your muscle tightness. This reduction in tightness will also aid athletic performance and general muscle function.Keeping hydrated will also help the fascial system enormously. Think of a sponge, if it is dry it is brittle and easily broken, when you wet it it becomes more pliable and stretchy, the same is true of fascia which isn't just connective tissue, it wraps around every muscle, bone and organ.

So hydration = good

I'm sure you will agree! Massage will also help this by breaking down tight spots which will help the hydration get to where it's needed.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends that women need 2lt of water and men need 2.5lt, they say that 70-80% of this should come from fluid and the other 20-30% should come from food. Great hydrating foods include celery, water melon, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, green peppers, radishes, and iceberg lettuce to name but a few, not only do these water rich foods boost your hydration levels but are full of great nutrients and are healthy snacks to boot! So keep those water levels in check everyone, your body will be saying a big thankyou!


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