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My head hurts!


When I treat someone for the first time it's really helpful for both of us if we talk through their reasons for wanting the treatment, how long they have had the symptoms, what they have been doing to help themselves etc. Something I come across frequently is people saying they suffer from regular headaches, they are aware of the pain across their forehead and behind the eyes, it can feel like pressure in your head or a "squeezing" sensation. Painkillers don't seem to help, and it can drag on lasting for days at a time, or just hanging there in the background on a nearly endless timescale. This can be a tension headache which tend to stem from tension starting in the neck and shoulder area and is something i notice most in those who have a lot of stress in their life, sit at a desk all day, or spend large amounts of time driving.

This neck and shoulder tension means that those tight muscles are shortened and the fibres are pinching together, this can restrict blood flow to your head to a small degree which will cause a headache, but also these shortened muscles are attached to the sheet of connective tissue that runs over the scalp to the forehead, so if they are tight they will put strain on this tissue and the muscles in the forehead and face, adding to the headache. So if this sounds like you you really can help yourself. Use heat on those tight shoulders, hot water bottles, heat packs, hot showers anything really, This will help soften the muscles which will ease the pressure, and also increase circulation, hopefully easing the headache.

Gentle stretching after using the heat and throughout the day will help lengthen out the muscles and limit how much the tense up. Also please watch your posture, slumping at you desk or in the car will add to the strain to those poor muscles, try not to let your head drop forward (like sitting on the sofa reading your phone or laptop while it's on your lap)

Massage will obviously help too and it can get you back on an even keel if the problem has been going on for a while.
But if you take care of your body, chances are it will behave better for you. :)

Thankyou for reading.


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