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Here are a few things that anyone will find handy to have arround the home and/or handbag which offer a few natural ways to treat minor conditions at home;
Lavender essential oil
Tea tree essential oil
Aloe Vera gel
( buy a tube, or even better, buy a plant and use the gel straight from the leaves)

Firstly, when buying essential oils don't get them confused with fragrance or perfume oils as these are synthetic and would irritate if used on skin. Always look for the words "pure" and "essential", this means they have been extracted from a natural source and are ok to use on the skin, and as with any product that goes on the skin there is always a chance of irritation, however small, so if you are unsure, patch test first. Lavender and tea tree oils are the ONLY ones that can be used NEAT, all other oils need to be diluted in a carrier, so if you are if you aren't comfortable doing this then leave it to your therapist.

All three are great for on the spot treatments.
For burns and sun burn add 2-3 drops lavender oil to some aloe Vera gel to cool the burn down and speed up the healing process.
A drop of lavender on bug bites can help relieve the itching
With athletes foot and fungal nail infections a once or twice daily few drops of tea tree oil can help to clear it.
A drop of tea tree oil and/or lavender on a spot can help reduce redness and dry it out quicker.
Dry skin and eczema? Aloe Vera can be very soothing, remember to patch test for sensitivity first.
Heat rash, aloe Vera will help cool the area and ease irritation.

These are just some valuable uses from 3 very inexpensive, natural products. I hope you find this useful.
If this has inspired you or you have any questions about this then please do feel free to email me.


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