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Things take time


Something I would like to discuss in this blog post is that bodywork and massage is not always an instant fix. All therapists would love to be able to find that spot that has been niggling at you for weeks, months, or even years and smooth it out in one session, but most of the time this is not the case. Your tension or pain in most cases is the result of an accumulation of factors, years sat at a desk all day hunched over your computer, maybe coupled with a long daily commute. Or maybe you had an old injury which caused you to change your posture and the way you move your body. Maybe you stand all day in one place at work, or you wear heels all the time... You get the idea, this list could go on for some time. The reality is that we treat our bodies in a way that puts them under strain then this strain builds up, you may not have physical symptoms for a long time, but the strain is still there building up with maybe just a twinge here and there. Then all of a sudden.... OW! My shoulders hurt all the time, why does my lower back ache, my feet are really sore, You may feel like you have injured yourself somehow, maybe you have but chances are it is just your bodies way of letting you know that something has to give. And if you really scrutinise how you use your body day to day you will probably understand what is causing your pain and tightness.

All this tension has taken time to build up, therefore most of the time it takes time to put it right. Massage sessions can be great to release tension in those stiff painful muscles, but if it's been there for a while your muscles may need coaxing back into line which is why a few sessions, ideally close together will have a cumulative effect that will leave you feeling looser and lighter. After your first treatment you may feel a little worse as we are trying to lengthen tight muscle fibres and stretch tissues back to how they should be, so they sometimes need a little time to recover post treatmentbut this is no more than a step on the journey and will soon be replaced by the benefits of the teatment.

The other big thing to factor in to your recovery is self treatment, which I have touched on in previous posts. To get the best from your massage sessions I need you to help yourself; hydrate your body post treatment, as well as keeping hydrated day to day, look at things you can do to help yourself, because if you change nothing we are just treating symptoms rather than the actual root cause. So if you wear heels every day, maybe alternate with flats, if you stand up in the same place all day, try to stretch your body through the day just keep mobile and walk around when you can. Drive a lot? Do shoulder rolls and side bends when you are at traffic lights, you get the idea. Also heat can be a great help on tight muscles, just take care of yourself.

You will find if you make small changes as well as having massage then over time you will start to feel better, so don't feel short changed if you don't feel "fixed" after your first treatment, stick with it and work with me and you will soon notice the difference.

As always please get in touch if you have any questions, I hope you have found this post informative, also let me know if you have specific subjects you would like me to post about. Thank you for reading.


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